Detox Superfoods

What exactly are superfoods? Why are they an important constituent of a healthy diet? If you want to detox and revitalize, here is the information you need for a healthier, happier and more energy-charged body!

There are several top superfoods worthy of our attention and these are covered in a series of highly detailed and knowledge-packed articles published here at this website. To get the ball rolling, let's take a look at one of these that seems to get a lot of press lately and with good reason.


berriesThere are several goodness-packed berries that most of us can access through supermarkets, grocery stores and farmers markets where we live. There are others that only grow in certain locations in the world and are not so easy to get hold of. Luckily, the most potent of these have been made into dietary supplements that you can buy online and at health stores locally.

A huge amount of promoting went into the infamous acai berry (and supplements containing it) in the last several years. However, acai berries are starting to become a thing of the past as a new superfood berry takes over.

The maqui berry is its name and it has hit the headlines because researchers have discovered that it contains more than double the anitioxent levels of acai, meaning faster Detox and weight loss for you! With ORAC levels so high it easily exceeds to antioxdant levels per gram of any other fruit or berry known to man.

The closest product on the market is acai which is only half a potent. Maqui berries are the new superfood of the moment!

The Facts

Its ORAC levels exceed the antioxdant levels per gram than any other fruit or berry currently known to man. As already mentioned, the closest food or supplement available is acai which is less than half as potent. This makes them not only good for the body but also an important ingredient in super colon cleanses as well as other body detoxification regimens. Here are the facts:

  • ORAC rating of 27,600
  • Grown only in Chile
  • Leading antioxidant fruit
  • Great for losing weight

Maqui berry can only be grown in Chile. This means you can't grow them in European countries or North America. So you can't just pick some up in your local supermarket or grocery store. It just cannot be got locally!

So like acai, you can purchase it in liquid form which has a much shorter shelf life or you can buy Maqui Berry supplements where it's freeze dried ensuring all the antioxidants and held as the day they were picked!

Learn more about the Maqui Berry or check out our reviews below of the two best Maqui Berry products to buy in the UK.

This product was launched in February 2010. We have managed to get some sample of this exciting product and it is fast becoming the leading Maqui supplement in the world. This is due to results achieved across the country and is a testament to the potency, quality and value of the product.

Ultimate Maqui Berry

There are a number of emerging supplements but they have proven to stand no where near as high as Ultimate Maqui Berry.

Unlike others there is only one thing in this product and that is 100% pure Maqui. They are backed medically through clinical trials and have genuine cerificates proving its purity and organic origins. You will not find a more accredited supplement on the market.

A key thing to consider is the actual quantity and effectiveness of this product. It contains a massive 1800mg of pure freeze dried maqui.

This means it far exceeds any outer product on the market today. The average maqui supplement contains between 500mg to 1000mg per tablet and many of these lower quality products contain additional bulking ingredients which further reduces their quality and effectiveness.

From our research, Ultimate Maqui berry is slightly above the average price of the lower quality alternatives. This is purely down to the quality of the supplement and will mean better results for you. You really do get what you pay for in this case.

Maqui Berry Pure

Another product worth considering is Maqui Berry Pure. On review it received and equal overall score of 5 points. Like Ultimate Maqui Berry it receive top marks for its purity and again it contain just one ingredient, 100% pure maqui with no fillers or extras.

As from the picture you can see it is packed in a pharmacy style white bottle with clear and distinct branding. It holds 90 capsules equating to one months supply for you. Each capsule contains 500mg of freeze dried maqui with a suggested dosage of 3 serving per day.

Due to the capsule encasing, this product is not suitable for vegetarians.

Available in one, two or three month supplies, this supplement costs slightly less than its main competitor (for the one month supply) although notably the amount per serving is marginally smaller.

In summary, Maqui Berry Pure is a fantastic product. Although the serving size of 500mg is marginally less than its main rival (Ultimate Maqui Berry), Maqui Berry Pure makes up for this with equalled purity and a lower price point and a good alternative at a lower price.